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The story of Hoveton Great Broad and the Restoration Projects

Animation telling the story of Hoveton Great Broad and the restoration projects aims for the future. Working with animator Belle Mellor, sound creative George Cartwright and Composer & Musician Tanera Dawkins, the HGB team have created an animation that illustrates the history of the broads wildlife and the projects work to bring the sparkle back!

The animation takes us back to times gone past when the waters of the broads were crystal clear and underwater plants grew in abundance and wildlife both above and below the waterline was diverse and thriving.

The picture changed over time however with growing populations and a change in farming practices, the broads suffered and wildlife and flora were affected.

Now with new understanding and innovative techniques the Hoveton Great Broad Restoration Project is working to bring the sparkle back and provide nature with the conditions it needs to thrive again once more.


Sound creative:

Composer and Musician: