• Children’s Fish Colouring Sheet

    25th November 2016

    Create your own fish!

  • Children’s Lily Pad Colouring Sheet

    24th November 2016

    What lives under this lily pad?


Partner Organisations

Hoveton Wetlands Restoration LIFE+ project is generously supported by the European Union LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity Programme. Bringing the Broads back to LIFE: LIFE14NAT/UK/000054.
Natura 2000 - Europe's nature for you. The sites benefitting from this project are part of the European Natura 2000 Network. They have been designated because they host some of Europe's most threatened species and habitats. All 27 countries of the EU are working together through the Natura 2000 network to safeguard Europe's rich and diverse natural heritage for the benefit of all.