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Discover how we are putting the sparkle back in Hoveton Great Broads murky waters!

Following a successful £4.5 million funding bid from EU LIFE and National Heritage Lottery Funds, Natural England has been leading a project to restore Hoveton Great Broad and Hudson’s Bay.

Decades of pollution have created an unhealthy, algal dominated environment that deprives the aquatic plants of sunlight. To restore a healthy ecosystem with crystal clear waters and diverse plant and fish communities two innovative techniques are being used.

Firstly, sediment removal returned the Broad to a depth better suited to the healthy ecosystem that used to exist. Head to our website to find out how we removed 55,000 m3 of highly nitrified sediment from the Broad, and how we used this sediment to create new wet fenland habitat.

Secondly, we are supporting nature’s own ability to heal the ecosystem. Water fleas already feed on the algae; however, their numbers are reduced by the fish which feed on them. To encourage the water flea population to grow and consume the algae, the Broad will be separated from the nearby waterways using temporary, water-permeable barriers. The fish will then be relocated into the river Bure whilst the ecosystem heals and recovers to a healthy, self-sustaining level.

Overlooking the Broad is the Hoveton Nature Trail, a magical oasis of wildlife and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the river, giving you a chance to relax and immerse yourself in the restorative peace of nature.

Come visit and experience it for yourself!